Sunday, 8 January 2012


ZONKED! 'zine is based in Brighton, UK

The lastest issue is # 12  (A4/48 pages) interviews with RED DONS, 1981, NIGHT BIRDS, FOUR LETTER WORD, plus photos, music reviews, travelogues. 
Available in UK for £2.50 post-paid from; 

Pete Craven, 46 Ashford Road, Brighton, BN1 6LJ

For more info, and overseas orders, email;

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  1. Statement from Sekaannus
    This year is our 30th birthday as a band. Celebrating this, we recorded the LP “My√∂hempien Aikojen Sekaannus” during February. We are proud of this record, and decided to spread it thru the net for free. This can be considered as a statement for free spreading of art & music, anti-materialistic deed, green thing, and encouragement for possibilities within modern technology.