Sunday, 8 January 2012


ZONKED! 'zine is based in Brighton, UK

The lastest issue is # 12  (A4/48 pages) interviews with RED DONS, 1981, NIGHT BIRDS, FOUR LETTER WORD, plus photos, music reviews, travelogues. 
Available in UK for £2.50 post-paid from; 

Pete Craven, 46 Ashford Road, Brighton, BN1 6LJ

For more info, and overseas orders, email;

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  1. Statement from Sekaannus
    This year is our 30th birthday as a band. Celebrating this, we recorded the LP “Myöhempien Aikojen Sekaannus” during February. We are proud of this record, and decided to spread it thru the net for free. This can be considered as a statement for free spreading of art & music, anti-materialistic deed, green thing, and encouragement for possibilities within modern technology.