Thursday, 12 January 2012

OLD ISSUES; # 4 (2000)

The juggernaut was rolling, and for this issue there were a whole host of contributors; Murray The Beard, Steve Scanner, Big Graham, and Tom Craven (reporting on gig activity from his new home in Utrecht).

Another international collection of interviews, with Otherwise (UK), Where's The Pope? (Australia), Reducers S.F. (USA), Grade (Canada) - and a cracker (if I say it myself) with Mike Palm of Agent Orange, conducted on a park bench behind The Highbury Garage, before the band played their debut UK show - 04/09/99. Mike was a great guy, lots of stories, and their set that night was fantastic. I've still got the tee shirt, heh.

The travelogue (and front cover) saw Linda + I in Jordan for a 2 week adventure. A super fascinating trip for sure. A year later the events of 9/11 put this part of the world temporarily out of reach for independent travelling. But I've known many people who've visited in the past few years and all come back having had as positive an experience as us. Easyjet even flies to Amman these days... just do it... !!  

Issue # 4 was dedicated to our good friend, and original J.O.L. gig go-er Fraiser, who passed away suddenly in late '99. A sad episode indeed.

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