Monday, 9 January 2012

OLD ISSUES; # 2 (1995)

In typically random fashion, # 1 was an A4 (need to dig that one out) but I opted for A5 on # 2. This was the first time I got other people involved, with Darren Bourne contributing review and photos. And that marked a new phase of zine activity; we had started the Just One Life Collective to promote gigs in Brighton, and with Buz's encouragement I got working on Rigsby... (more on that to follow).... which we ended after 10 issues. At which point I returned to Zonked!

In this issue; Swingin' Utters was a phone interview, NZ's Loves Ugly Children (Flying Nun) was a face-to-face before a gig at the old Art College Basement. Deniz Tek (of Radio Birdman) was an old fashioned Q&A via airmail! Shelter was via email to their press office, as was the appalling one with Ben Weasel of The Riverdales. His answers were so short/crap that I ran the piece just to show how lazy he was. And finally... RKL. They replied on a grubby sheet of handwritten A4. I found the answers from singer Jason Sears in a box of artifacts a while ago. Poor guy died in '06 in Mexico whilst trying to kick drugs. Lifestyles huh!

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