Monday, 19 September 2016

S/T 7″

I was ordering a couple of other releases from Sabotage and, on a whim, threw this EP in the (virtual) basket. It was only after completing the purchase that I went to SiLENT ERA's bandcamp and checked out their music. I know, for 2016 this is extreme radical behaviour, but I guess you gotta take a walk on the wild side every now and again. I'm glad I followed my intuition, because this is an ace record loaded with passionate melodic hardcore that has a distinct LiFE... BUT HOW TO LiVE iT? feel. And I’m gonna throw some VERBAL ASSAULT in too. I was immediately fixated on the track "Own//Selves", somewhat to the detriment of the other songs, but subsequent full spins has cemented all 4 tracks as keepers. Seriously great music from the Bay Area, get it!

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