Sunday, 18 September 2016

(Boss Tuneage)

And again, I am left scratching my head, and wondering how it is possible that the energized music I’m listening to on these discs is almost 3 decades old. Where did it all go??!! Oh what the hell, just gotta go with it…

Boss T has delivered a couple of major blasts from the past here, with digitally remastered reissues of both RiPCORD albums, that, as if the original records didn’t stand up on their own anyways, are both enhanced by additional material (demos and live sets). This was raw music, from the gut, hammered out by fired up youth, musically inspired to up their game by the new lightening fast sounds being played in the USA. Lyrically though, they were very much coming from an Anarcho-Punk angle, which increased the anger levels, to the max.

It’s interesting reading the lyrics, and they provide a worthy snap shot of the times, with tirades against negative drunk Punks… “so if you’ve got no interest, and no valid point of view, get away from us man, ‘cos we just don’t need you!” (“Get Away”) and in “Cross-Culture” even the formative Straight Edge scene. There was clearly no pleasing these lads, haha!! And unfortunately their anti-racist rants are as relevant as ever in the post-Brexit aftermath, where people are getting beaten up, and even killed, on British streets, just for having a foreign accent. Depressing, with a Capital D.  

The albums are accompanied by a chunky booklet of liner notes from core band members, photos, flyer reproductions (can you spot the spoofs??!!) and album song lyrics.  Neat job as ever by Welly (Artcore). Both releases are available on CD or as limited double (colour) vinyl pressings. 

No excuses here for a mega-RiPCORD overload!

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