Friday, 16 September 2016

Chron-Gen put out some pretty good records in the early-Eighties, and having been lucky (old!) enough to have seen them in their heyday can confirm they were a great live band. Their final 7" "Outlaw" was one of the strongest anthems of the era, but also hinted at a growing dissolution with the music scene they were wrapped up in. By the time Chron-Gen called it quits, in the mid-Eighties, their sound was headed in a much rockier direction. They've reformed in recent years, I haven't seen them, but reports have been generally positive, as they bash out those early classics. And now they have dropped a new album, and I was keen to see how it sounded. I had a totally open mind, but was anticipating some songs that would at least channel some of that early spirit and energy. WRONG! These dozen tracks are very lightweight rock, and, although I persisted thru to to the end, I did not get any pleasure from any of the music. Tragic really. Gawd knows what their fans are going to make of it!!!    

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