Monday, 9 July 2012

Ventilate # 1

Here's where the zine voyage started; Tom instigated, and titled, Ventilate. Previous talk about putting a zine together was curtailed by our nomadic lives, and only crossing paths intermittently. But, in '92, both of us were back in UK, and set to work on a publication. Interviews were with Finland's New Direction, Switzerland's Profax, American's Nuisance (one of the early Lookout! bands)... and Brighton's own M.T.A. Funnily enough, one of the live pix of M.T.A. was taken at The Zap Club ('92, supporting G.B.H.) and stage front, banging his head, is a young Darren Bourne. I don't think we'd struck up a friendship at that point, but that happened soon after. Flicking thru the zine, it's classic cut and paste, and Tom's layout is really sharp. It was he who typed it all up on Dad's Amstrad word processor. Our old friend Lee Oliver printed the zine, which included a slick glossy cover. We were clearly getting ahead of ourselves in the pro-stakes. It's interesting going thru the review section, where enthusiastic write-ups on the likes of Poison Idea, S.N.F.U., Seein' Red, Nations on Fire and Nausea sit alongside glowing words (by me) of green Day's 'Kerplunk' LP that was purchased at their debut gig in London... "it seems so frightening, time passes by like lightening, before you know it you're struck down"....    

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